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ATS system modernization for private clinic "Repromed" SRL

Year:  2019


Final Beneficiary: “Repromed” SRL

Location: Chisinau City

Short description:

The ATS equipment for 2 inputs and a sectionalyzer was replaced. Power switching based on automatic circuit breakers with electric drive.

Basic equipement:

Main command device – ABB;

Power equipment –  IEK;

Supply and configuration of 90kW soft starter for the airport petroleum tank farm

Year:  2019

Final Beneficiary: “Lukoil-Moldova” SRL

Location: Chisinau city

Short description:

Supply and configuration of 90kW soft starter type 3RW, manufacturer Siemens

Modernization of GDP-monitoring system for pharmaceutical warehouse "Dita EstFarm" SRL

Year:  2019

Client: “Poliserv” SRL

Final Beneficiary:  "Dita EstFarm" SRL

Location: Chisinau City

Short description:

Modernization works was made for for monitoring and recording temperature and humidity system (EMS) in the pharmaceutical warehouse. This system is fully compliant with GDP standards.

Basic equipment:

Temperature and humidity sensors  – Siemens;

Control system – Siemens;

Soft starter panel installing works for pump 110kW at "Orhei-Vit" SA factory

Year:  2019

Client: “AS-Electrica” SA

Final Beneficiary: “Orhei-Vit” SA 

Location: Orhei city

Short description:

Project development, assembly and installation of soft starter control panel for 110kW  in the wastewater pump station.

Basic equipment:

Soft starter – Schneider Electric;

Power equipment – Schneider Electric;

Terminals – Phoenix Contact;

Supervision and automation system for water services equipment at «Südzucker Moldova» S.A sugar factory

Year:  2019

Beneficiary: «Südzucker Moldova» S.A

Location: Drochia city, Falesti city

Short description:

For each of the 2 sugar factories in the city of Drochia and Falesti, сomplete automation and dispatching  system of the following water services equipment was developed and implemented:

- System for supplying and metering water from artesian wells;

- Plant irrigation system;

- Monitoring system in dreinage pits;

Information from control cabinets via GSM communication is transmitted to the control room. A SCADA system was developed for the management, monitoring, avertisation and archiving of data on the state of the plant's water management equipment.

Basic equipment:

Flowmeters and level sensors – Siemens;

Power and switching equipment – Siemens;

Check-valve and actuators – Tecofi;

PLC and expansion modules – Siemens;

SCADA system – Siemens;

Automation system for hot water pumping stations and network pumps in boiler houses for Public utility “Kharkivski teplovi merezhi”

Year:  2019

Client: “Polimer Gaz Conducte” SRL

Final Beneficiary: Public utility “Kharkivski teplovi merezhi”

Location: Kharkiv city

Short description:

Automation system are designed to control hot water pumping stations and network pumps in boiler houses (8 in total). The automation system is designed to maintain pressure in the pressure pipe of the pumping units. As execution units centrifugal pumps with 6kV electric motors are used. 6kV frequency converters are used to maintain refulation pressure. For “human-machine communication”, the HMI panel 19 ’’ is installed on the panel’s door. It is possible to work in local, distance and automatic modes

Basic equipment:

PLC and HMI panel - Siemens;

Power and switching equipment - Siemens;

Intermediate Relays & Terminals - Phoenix Contact;

Switchgears - Tekpan;

Automation system for sparkling wine production at "Radacini Wines" factory

Year:  2019

Beneficiary: "Radacini Wines" SRL

Location: Cricova city

Short description:

An automated sparkling wine production control system maintains constant pressure and temperature in fermentation tanks, including controls for mixers. The system is controlled using the HMI touch screen panel 22 ’’

Basic equipment:

PLC - Schenider Electric;

HMI panel 22” – Weintek;

Power and switching equipment - Schneider Electric;

Terminals - Phoenix Contact;

Switchgears - Tekpan;

Climate Management System (GMP) for the pharmaceutical factory "ElaDum Pharma" SRL

Year:  2020

Beneficiary: "ElaDum Pharma" SRL

Location: Сojusna Village

Short description:

The project consisted of installing 2 independent systems:
- Climate control systems in the factory (BMS);
- Temperature and humidity monitoring systems (EMS);
In particular, a SCADA system was developed for managing, monitoring and archiving data. This system complies with GMP standards.

Basic equipment:

Temperature and humidity – Simex;

PLC and expansion modules – Schneider Electric;

Terminals – Phoenix Contact;

Switchgear – KUB;